string Quartet




We are Osso String Quartet


[Pronounced OH-soh]

Osso fuses the classical sensibilities of a string quartet with the pulse of pop culture. Our rhythmically driven rep and ambitious commissioning forge new territory within the classical tradition. With an exuberant commitment to collaboration, Osso has spent the past twelve years touring, performing, and recording. Run Rabbit Run, our interpretation of Sufjan Stevens' electronica album Enjoy Your Rabbit recomposes computer keystrokes into vibrant acoustic arrangements, welding the energy of indie rock and the nuance of chamber music to create explosive and enchanting new sounds.

Osso is Monica Davis, Kallie Ciechomski and Maria Jeffers.


Osso plays [...]

"Musicians and night-club proprietors lead complicated lives; it's advisable to check in advance to confirm engagements."

Osso Plays  [sufjan stevens]

Monday, September 17 at 7:30pm

Fat Cat, 75 Christopher Street